Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quality - it's not about price

I have received many compliments on the quality of my jewelry. These have been much appreciated, as they come from customers and fellow artists alike. This influx of feedback, and my recent work on a new high end collection of designs, has set me to thinking about what constitutes the quality of a piece of jewelry - or of anything, for that matter.

I know many people who would claim that quality extends only so far as the materials used to make the piece will allow, that little else matters. To some extent, this is true. But it doesn't tell the whole story. Others believe that the craftsmanship of a piece is the sole factor that determines the quality. But again, this belief doesn't take in the whole concept of quality.

So, what is the deal? Consider what you want when you purchase a piece of jewelry. You want it to look nice, and you want it to last. As is the case with just about all things in this world, true quality of jewelry balances the use of materials with the workmanship that molds those materials. A piece of jewelry can be made with the finest in silver and gemstones, but will break or look badly if it is not crafted well. By the same token, a piece can be exquisite in the way it is built, but will not stand the test of time if the materials are sub-par.

Now, of course, there are shadings in this world of gray. A piece made with wonderful skill and superb materials doesn't necessarily belong in the same category with a piece made with wonderful skill and everyday materials. This is where price comes in to play. Price also indicates the uniqueness and desirability of the product. But let's not get too distracted by economics here, as that isn't my intended topic today.

So let's consider materials for a moment. As I said, many people require the finest materials be used in their jewelry. Jewelry is a luxury, and so why not invest in the best? However, don't think for a minute that quality cannot exist in the world of jewelry makers who work with plated findings and base metals. Sure, these items usually won't command the higher prices of precious metals, but that doesn't mean quality is lacking if the pieces are well-made.

In mulling all this over, I have come up with a list of what I believe are the key elements of producing quality jewelry. These are the standards that I apply to my own work.

1. Quality materials - I know, I know! I have spent all this time discussing why materials don't necessarily determine quality. But, in this case I am differentiating between quality materials made of any substance with low quality materials made of the same thing. Even in lower cost metals, beads, and gemstones, there is a huge difference in quality from different sources. If I buy a shank of beads, and some or all of those beads have cracks or flaws, I either wasted my money, or I use an inferior product. To create quality jewelry, use quality materials, no matter what price range you produce at.

2. Finish your product professionally. For instance, if you make a crimped necklace or bracelet, use crimp covers. These look so much nicer, and protect sensitive skin from the rough edges of the crimp. If you make earrings, practice wire wrapping techniques so that the tops look nice. Again, this improves the appearance of your product and, if done properly, eliminates any rough edges that might scratch or snag clothes.

3. Be consistent. When you are making a piece that has matching parts, make sure they are the same length and size if they are supposed to be. Again, earrings are a good example. No one wants a pair of earrings with one loop bigger than the other or longer than the other, unless that is the intended design. Practice to make your loops consistent, and compare your earrings carefully before wrapping to make sure they will be the same length. Other considerations - if you make a mistake in the pattern of your beading, take the time to go back and fix it. Your customer may not notice at first sight, but eventually they likely will see the mistake and be dissatisfied. Also, once you decide on a metal type and finish for your findings, be consistent unless it is a design choice. Would you want to wear a bracelet with a gold crimp on one side and silver on the other?

4. Use the proper tools. I struggled to master the wire wrapping on earrings, until I bought flush cutters and flat nose pliers. I found these tools necessary to properly finishing a wire wrap so that the end laid down - without bending the rest of the earring. Having the proper tools not only improved the quality of my work, but saved me a lot of time that I had previously spent struggling to finish wire wraps with the wrong tools.

5. Handle and store your jewelry and materials properly. Use proper precautions when storing glass and gemstone so that they do not get cracked, nicked, or broken. Sterling needs to be stored in a dry and sealed container, or with special papers, to prevent tarnish. Even base metals need proper care or they will start to dull or oxidize. I have had freshwater pearls discolor when I left them in the plastic bag they were shipped in.

When handling your finished jewelry, do so with care so as not to damage your product. Silver and glass may easily become scratched, and many types of gemstone are soft enough to be nicked if you drop them.

Now, many of these problems can be dealt with if they occur. Metal can be cleaned and polished, beads can be replaced if necessary. However, this becomes much more difficult with finished jewelry, requiring much more time and effort than it takes to use proper care in the first place. And, what if you miss something? What if a bead is damaged that cannot be replaced? You risk an unhappy customer by not taking proper care.

6. Value your work. Stand behind it. Before giving any jewelry piece to a customer, check it over carefully for flaws and clean it. Metal can quickly lose its luster, and I often have to remove a stray hair or piece of lint caught in a piece. These things make a difference to the first impression your piece makes.

I also feel it is an important move to guarantee your work. Offer to do any necessary repairs or replacements without charge if a problem occurs within a set amount of time. If a customer isn't happy, offer them the opportunity to return or exchange the item if it is in new condition and within a reasonable amount of time. These small accommodations for your customers show them that you stand behind the quality of your work. Even the best sometimes make mistakes - being willing to set those mistakes right sets you apart.

I hope you will find my thoughts on creating quality jewelry helpful. I am preparing a series of tutorials for jewelry makers, and many of these topics will be addressed. Since I have received so many comments on my wire wrapping, that will be the subject of my first tutorial. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

BOGO Sale extended!

If you missed yesterday's BOGO sale, never fear! I am extending it through Sunday. I will continue offering all earrings as buy one, get one free until Monday at 6 AM.
This is a great opportunity to do some early holiday shopping! I am also offering bulk discounts for the holidays. If you are thinking of placing a larger order, check my Etsy profile for details.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Arrrr! It be a Talk Like A Pirate BOGO Sale!

In honor of talk like a pirate day, I am hosting a 24 hour buy one, get one free earring sale! All earrings in my shop are included in this sale. The only catch is that the second pair must be of equal or lesser value.

The sale lasts until 12AM EST on 9/20.

Yar, me mateys, visit me shop an' plunder the earring section, or ye may bloody well be tossed o'er the gangplank to swim wi' the sharks!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Balancing Act

Most of my blogs lately have been specifically about my buisness promotions, products, and so on. Mainly, because I have had a lot happening in that area, and have been working on a lot of new items. But, this blog is about all aspects of crafting and running a business and being a mom. So for today, here is something a little different!

I have been shedding weight lately. I have wanted to lose weight for years, but haven't had much luck. Some of that was lack of lasting motivation. Some of it has been due to my medical conditions that make it a challenge for my body to actually lose weight, period. Last Christmas, my mom had my wedding rings sized bigger for me, because they were too small and I hadn't been able to wear them in months. I couldn't afford to do it, so she had it done for part of my gift. Now the rings are sliding around on my finger!

How am I doing it? I have a very, very active 4 year old boy. I substitute teach, and this year I have had a lot of work so far. Starting in about a month, I will sub full time for several months. I am crafting. I spend my down time creating, which I love, love, love. But besides crafting, I am starting, not just running but starting, a business that I think will be a success.

Now, starting a business is different from running one. Right now, I am going crazy trying to promote my shop, learn how to take fantastic photos and how to edit them, making my shop just right, and design my logo, business cards, address labels, and all that necessary "stuff". I am working hard to make my company have a cohesive look, one that is professional and interesting.

I am exploring all the places I can sell my work, where I can advertise, where I can network. I have started this blog, and kept it up to date. I have lots more ideas for it, but not enough time yet to get them into motion!

I have been attending craft fairs. Which means figuring out how to display my items, how to set up my booth, and the time I invest being there. And building stock, so I have lots and lots of items to sell.

So, have you wondered yet when I sleep? I don't. Not much, anyway. I don't eat much either, as I am too busy and distracted most of the time. This is how the weight is coming off. And you know what? I may be tired a lot of the time. I will have to sleep more at night when I start to teach full time. But I feel good - really good - for the first time in a long time.

I think this is because I have a purpose, and I am doing something fulfilling and creative. I love what I am doing. I love being a mom. I love teaching. And I really love running my business. After 3 years of unsuccessfully looking for a job, trying to figure out how to live with chronic illness and disabling pain and fatigue, and of dealing with a highly difficult child, I was frustrated and depressed. Not to mention broke.

But now, I am helping to support my family, and I am doing something constructive on days that I can't even get off the couch. Most of all, I am expressing the artist in myself - something I have never been able to do enough. I am teaching, something that I think I was truly meant by God to do. I am raising a beautiful, loving, smart and sensitive little boy. I am fulfilled. I am crazy busy, and tired, and my house is a mess. And I love it.

Sneak Peek: The Infinity Collection by JustaGirl

JustaGirl has always offered a range of jewelry. From simple chain and pendant necklaces and classic strung bracelets, to detailed beadweaving and complex chain designs. I have also always offered a range of prices, from very affordable to a little more pricey.

Because I have wanted my jewelry to be accessible even to those without a lot of disposable income, I have used a lot of base metals and plated materials. I use quality supplies, including very nice beads and crystals in all my work.

I intend to continue offering affordable designs with these materials. However, JustaGirl is expanding! I am preparing to introduce a new line that uses very high quality materials, including sterling and gemstone. These designs will be exceptional. All components and packaging will be of the highest caliber. Of course, this all means that this product line will be more expensive - it is intended for discerning jewelry buyers.

To give my customers a little preview of the Infinity Collection, I have listed Red October. This is a transitional piece, and the first of the new collection. It is similar to the Sweet Dreamer necklace design. The Red October, however, has a sterling clasp and uses exceptionally uniform seed beads. The beadweaving extends throughout the entire necklace, making it more of a collar style. It is a piece that takes a lot of time and precision to produce - and the result is absolutely gorgeous.

I hope you will enjoy seeing my new item, and look forward to the addition of more luxury jewelry designs to this section of my shop!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New listings!

Over the weekend, I put up close to thirty brand new listings in my shop! Some of them are still incomplete in pictures or descriptions, as I was interrupted by a family emergency. But they are listed.

I also have moved more items into my clearance section, so check that out for some great deals!

I went through a huge production increase to get ready for the craft fair season, so these are all new designs. I have lots of gemstone included in this group for fall. I really enjoyed creating these items, so I sure hope my customers will love them, too!

Head on over to my shop to see all my fabulous new items!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Relief

I am currently donating $3 for every $10 spent in my shop to the Red Cross for Hurricane Ike relief. Please come take a look and help the victims of the storm.

I am working to get the Etsy community involved as a whole. If you would like to see other Etsy shops who are donating, or would like to pledge donations for your own shop, please see the pledge thread here: