Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hey, lookit!

I was browsing the forums on Etsy, and I really love Karmic Jewels - http://www.Karmic.etsy.com

This particular shop is full of vintage inspired earrings, and I am in love with the style! I am constantly overwhelmed and inspired by my fellow Etsians.

She is holding a contest to win a pair of earrings, and I am so glad - because I found a new shop to heart! Go check out her work, it really is unique and very cool.

Come back and share if you like it, too!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Introducing "Vamped"

I love my new design. I just finished it yesterday, and I can't stop looking at it. It is such a great combination of edgy and classic styles. And, since I am pretty new to designing, I am proud as punch that this is all mine (even though I know it is likely someone else has come up with something similar somewhere out there).

This design really came about by accident - and perhaps that is the way of designing. My main inspiration was in color - I knew I wanted to work with copper and pair it with a bright aqua. So, I stocked up on some copper supplies - I went and bought some chain, jump rings, head pins, and clasps. I already had plenty of aqua beads to choose from. I got out my beads, and chose an opal Capri blue Swarovski crystal, light aqua glass crystal, and white glass pearl. I had a teal colored pearl, but liked the summery feel I got adding the white.

I had intended to make a necklace of some sort. However, when I got out my supplies and started contemplating what I wanted to do, I discovered that the chain I had bought was actually a bracelet, instead of just a length of chain as I had thought. I considered cutting up the bracelet and making beaded spacer sections to make a necklace. But for some reason, I picked up a bead, strung it on a headpin, and wrapped the headpin around a link in the bracelet to hold the bead on top.

It looked kind of cool. So I kept going. And Vamped was the final product. I replaced the clasp with one that I had chosen, and was thrilled with my new product. I hope my customers like it as much as I do. But even if they don't, I have realized that perhaps some of the best designs came about more through going with the flow than through sticking to the plan.