Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy, busy...

I love nothing more than feeling productive. I have been so busy lately, but I feel such a great sense of accomplishment.

First off, I had my shop made over - I hired mycreativepaper on Etsy to design a new shop banner, avatar, and business card for me. I love the result! She did an excellent job, I am very happy.

I also attended my first sales event. I probably will not sell at that event again, as the traffic wasn't great and most people weren't my customer demographic. But - it was a great learning experience. I have other shows coming up, and this gave me an idea of how much stuff I am going to have to haul around, how long it will take me to set up, etc. I did sell a few items, and handed out a lot of cards, so it was certainly worth my time.

I have been creating like crazy to get ready for my upcoming shows and for a possible holiday shopping rush. I love, love, love it when I get to spend my time creating. I am not so crazy about photographing, packaging, tagging, and all the other things that go along with running a business, so the days I can just create are wonderful!

I also have had several orders to fulfill, and custom orders to work on. I am almost all caught up now, which feels wonderful.

On top of all this, I have been substitute teaching every day, and now I have a sick kiddo to take care of. My wedding rings are starting to slide around on my finger - apparently all these years I wanted to lose weight, all I needed to do was become crazy busy so I stopped sleeping and eating, hahaha!

I am a relaxed, laid back person. I love lazy days and just relaxing, with nothing pressing to worry about. It goes to show how much I really love what I am doing here that I also love being crazy busy with all the responsibilities of running my shop. I guess we never stop learning about ourselves, as long as we keep expanding our horizons.


Giftbearer said...

You sound like you've been very productive lately!

Giftbearer said...

Hello again!

Hey Harriet said...

Yes I find being busy is the best kind of weight loss program there is ;) Love the giveaway you are offering! Just went & entered. Fingers crossed! I'm also currently having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

Annette said...

Very busy but in a so very positive way! Great shop too!