Friday, August 1, 2008

My very first Etsy purchase!

I just received my very first Etsy product! I received three handmade soaps from today. Sadly, this wonderful lady is no longer selling her soaps, but she does have a neat sister shop still going.

Anyway, I am thrilled! I love homemade soap, it is perfect for my sensitive skin. And these smell FABULOUS! I ordered Pink Sugar, Blackberry Sage, and Vanilla Mint Oatmeal. I absolutely cannot wait to jump in the shower with these.

They are all nicely packaged and labeled, came with a nice thank you note, and arrived super fast! I am just so sad I wasn't on Etsy earlier so I could have stocked up before she closed shop.

My verdict? Etsy is a fabulous place, and I am going to have trouble not spending all my profits!!

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BeadedTail said...

Handmade soap is wonderful and I also purchased from MooneysMarket before she closed up shop. You will love them and will be hooked on handmade soap!