Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sneak Peek: The Infinity Collection by JustaGirl

JustaGirl has always offered a range of jewelry. From simple chain and pendant necklaces and classic strung bracelets, to detailed beadweaving and complex chain designs. I have also always offered a range of prices, from very affordable to a little more pricey.

Because I have wanted my jewelry to be accessible even to those without a lot of disposable income, I have used a lot of base metals and plated materials. I use quality supplies, including very nice beads and crystals in all my work.

I intend to continue offering affordable designs with these materials. However, JustaGirl is expanding! I am preparing to introduce a new line that uses very high quality materials, including sterling and gemstone. These designs will be exceptional. All components and packaging will be of the highest caliber. Of course, this all means that this product line will be more expensive - it is intended for discerning jewelry buyers.

To give my customers a little preview of the Infinity Collection, I have listed Red October. This is a transitional piece, and the first of the new collection. It is similar to the Sweet Dreamer necklace design. The Red October, however, has a sterling clasp and uses exceptionally uniform seed beads. The beadweaving extends throughout the entire necklace, making it more of a collar style. It is a piece that takes a lot of time and precision to produce - and the result is absolutely gorgeous.

I hope you will enjoy seeing my new item, and look forward to the addition of more luxury jewelry designs to this section of my shop!

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Diana said...

Love those fiery colors!